Back to the market: Five secrets to finding fresh food

  • March 02, 2012
  • By Simone Austin

Here are some tricks and tips to help you keep it fresh:

Search online for fresh food markets near you. You’ll not only get your hands on some deliciously fresh produce, but will also see a variety of vegies that will help you expand your ingredients for nightly meals.

Try growing your own herbs or leafy vegetables at home. The result will be a deliciously fresh taste to your meals and savings on the weekly grocery bills.

Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fresh food markets and some supermarkets will promote vegetables that are in season, so have a look at what’s fresh and add these to the shopping list!

Variety is the key to a good nutrient intake. Look for different fresh foods at your supermarket or fresh food market to ensure you have a variable diet. And remember, if you vary the colour of your foods, you will automatically vary your nutrient intake!

Look for quality, fresh produce and keep telling your local greengrocer or supermarket that you won’t settle for less!


Looking for a fresh food market near you? Check out these local markets:

Sydney: Eveleigh Markets, Saturday 8am-1pm.

Melbourne: Prahran Markets, Open every day except Monday and Wednesday.

Brisbane: West End Markets, Saturday 6am-2pm.

Perth: Subiaco Farmers Market, Saturday 8am-12.30pm

Adelaide: Adelaide Showground Farmers Market, Sunday 9am-1pm.

Happy shopping!

Simone Austin currently divides her time between her role as the dietitian for the Hawthorn Football Club, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, Melbourne Heart Football Club and private practice and aged care consultations. Previous to this, Simone spent six years as the dietitian for the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, as well as roles in community health and other state-wide football teams.

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